Pay no heed to this. As long as you’re unhurt… pay no heed and move on.

>> Luffy

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For yamineftis

Stay hungry, feel the fire
Stay hungry, don’t explode
Stay hungry with desire

Zoro songs: Stay Hungry by Twisted Sister

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Usopp  - Appreciation post (Post Timeskip)

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Island Scouting Team- Punk Hazard
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A few weeks ago I made a post drawing attention to the lack of women with scars in One Piece, and I wanted to create this photoset to depict what Nami would look like if she where allowed to keep scars from her wounds like Luffy and Zoro are. Nami did originally keep her back/shoulder scar from Arlong Park, but Oda stopped drawing it after they made it to Whiskey Peak and it has never been seen since. I’m disappointed about that because to me it feels like it discounts Nami’s important role as a fighter in favor of keeping her as a pristine and flawless beauty, even though scars and beauty are in no way mutually exclusive—illustrating that is the main point of this graphic.

Nami is every bit as valiant a fighter as the rest of the crew, and I wish her character design better reflected the struggles she’s been through as a warrior.